Custom Lawn Care Service

We are certified applicators and will evaluate your lawn to advise you of the best custom program suitable for your location. We offer a complete six-step lawn service as well as one-time applications. We tailor your program to meet your needs!


Six-Step Lawn Program

  • Early Spring Fertilizer with Crab Grass Control
  • Late Spring Fertilizing
  • Summer Feeding with Grub Control (as needed)
  • Early Fall Fertilizing
  • Fall Broadleaf Control
  • Late Fall Fertilizing
  • Core Aeration

    Your lawn will greatly benefit from annual CORE AERATION. This method allows the air, water and fertilizer to better reach the root zone and create a stronger and easier to maintain lawn.

    The best time to AERATE is early spring, between March and May or in the fall between September and November.

    Aerating before or during late season fertilizing enhances growth and improves spring green-up.

    Pictured about is our Polaris Sportsman 4-wheeler that has an attached sprayer and 5' core aerator.

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